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  1. Create an Account and fill in all the necessary information. It won't take more than 10 minutes.
  2. Learn start-up questionnaires. Make sure you understand all information about companies, materials, presentations and all risks associated with investments.
  3. Choose the appropriate investment option
  4. Please select a paycheck option that is right for you. Among the options are fiat and crypto payments.
  5. Monitor the development of start-ups in your Account. offers the widest possible investment offer for investors. There are three different ways to invest:

  • Investing in

    Invest directly in Minimum investment amount $10k. in turn, invests the investor's capital in the project, which received the highest rating after scoring. The preparation of projects takes place on the basis of the LAUNCHLAB laboratory. During preparation, projects receive comprehensive packaging, team building, assistance in attracting investments, finding partners and scaling the project.

  • Investing in a start-up

    If you want to prefer a specific project, you can specify it before you decide to invest. This will provide this startup with guaranteed participation in the LAUNCHLAB development program.

  • Investing in crowdfunding


Each investor receives a security token. Tokens are digital analogues of securities, they are legitimate and comply with the legal rules of financial regulators such as the SEC and FINMA. Information about the number of tokens and the dynamics of their value can be traced in your Account.

Each startup undergoes a thorough scoring. Selection and verification process:

1. Initial selection

Each part is important, but the main key figures will be: Founders - Product - Traction - Mission

  • Do the founders have the skills and vision to succeed? Experience and competence play a major role.

  • Is the product idea, problem, and solution compelling? What technology is applied? what does execution look like?

  • Has there been noticeable progress or growth? Have there been any media posts? Does the startup support well-known personalities?

  • How will this startup affect the world?

2. Legal analysis

After the startup has undergone primary scoring, a formal procedure for comprehensive verification begins. Presentation validation, independent research - all that will help to better understand the startup business:

  • Business model

    How does a start-up earn or is going to make money? How quickly can you do that?

  • Market

    What market share can a start-up take? What are the advantages over competitors?

  • Technology

    What technologies are used to solve the problem? Is that unique? How difficult is it to apply?

  • Team

    Are there the right people in the team in addition to the founders including experienced consultants?

  • Fact check

    Does all the information provided correspond to the truth?

DAO.VC conducts a thorough financial and legal audit, as well as an audit of the reputation of the founders and the startup team.

3. Final decision

After the completion of the comprehensive audit, a decision will be made whether the startup can be placed on the platform, trained and presented to investors.

Information about risks: each start-up placed on the DAO.VC platform undergoes a thorough inspection. We do not give any investment advice and do not take responsibility for your losses. DAO.VC does not recommend and cannot recommend or support any start-ups. You should not invest if you cannot afford to lose all your investments. Any investment is risky, never invest all your money.

  • Invest for a long term

    Remember, the token provided with shares in all start-ups of the platform. We provided the most diversified portfolio and conditions for a rapid increase in the value of assets. However, build realistic expectations: it is impossible to predict how long it will take for your assets to rise in price.

  • Make your own research

    You can always find additional information about start-ups. Explore the activities of companies, the experience of the founders and the team of the project and publications in the media.

  • Invest if you believe in the success of startups

    Invest if you like the product, mission or services of start-ups. Do not invest solely for potential profit. Faith is the most important criterion for successful growth.


No. Each start-up has the opportunity to get on the platform and attract investment for development. In exchange for the services provided, start-ups give a share of equity of 10-20%.

At the same time, if your project has not passed scoring or the founders do not want to allocate equity in exchange for platform services, the platform services can be provided on a commercial basis.

We need you even if you're at the idea stage. will help your idea come to life!

The most interesting will be start-ups from the following industries:

  • E-Commerce / S-commerce

  • Professional & Support services

  • Big Data

  • SaaS solutions

  • AI / Machine learning

  • Blockchain

  • Sharing service

Even if your project does not belong to the list above, but you believe that it has great potential and is a unique technological product - apply. We will definitely get in contact with you.

We invest in startups at an early stage. Money received to finance projects is not transferred directly to the project team.

The amount received from the investor is allocated for comprehensive packaging, development and support of the project under the LAUNCHLAB development program. After passing the program, the projects are fully ready for the next round of funding. The team takes part in the further search for investors and scaling the project.

The preparation of the project guarantees the rapid development and high-quality packaging of the start-up, as well as the most effective distribution of investor funds.

Projects at later stages that have confirmed their concept and have first clients - they can count on individual investment offers.

  • Selection of a team of permanent employees in young start-ups

  • Complex packaging of the project, from basic presentation materials, website and promotional videos - to the preparation of complex legal documentation.

  • Review and revise the project concept to identify points of multiple growth, find new sales channels, increase sales

  • Search for companies among partners to launch pilot projects and introduce start-ups into existing business ecosystems.

  • The ability to attract investment for the next round from investors or investors from the external market

If you have an idea or product that you can patent, we strongly recommend talking to a lawyer before sending information about the idea to

The information you include in your application will be publicly available on your questionnaire. You should not include any information that you believe may harm your company if you disclose such information in your application.

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