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DAO Organization without governance, hierarchy, or absolute democracy?

Traditionally, an organization is a group of people serving common interests. Organization, in pursuing their interests, is guided by the legislation of the country it is incorporated. The distribution of assets in that kind of management system is to be controlled by governments, central banks, and elites, i.e. by people. Therefore, it implies potential asset manipulation.

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Crowdfunding with DAO.VC

The stories of capitalists successfully invested in cryptocurrencies or funded today’s billion-dollar startups are dazzling. Many people dream about investing money productively and enjoying passive income for the rest of their life. But it is a utopia to become an institutional investor for that.

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The rich get richer: why the next generation of rich people are investing in startups

If you invested your savings in Amazon, Dell, Apple, or Microsoft when they went on an IPO, you would be a couple of million dollars richer, just through this investment. From 2002 to 2012, Apple increased the value of its shares by 4581.7%. Imagine how your life would have changed if you had invested this money BEFORE entering the IPO.

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