Astro Babies are limited series NFTs, comprised of three art collections including OG Astro Babies, Astro Baby Apes, and Astro Baby Pups. While these Astro Babies NFTs are largely diversified in rarity, they are also unmistakably identifiable through a singular theme featuring space suit attires. Most of the elements of the Astro Babies metaverse are open to all to participate and access several immersive features, with certain enhanced features, offerings, and rebates for the Astro Babies NFT holders. Better yet, the holders who own one of each of the three NFT collections will receive additional revenue reflections of aftermarket royaltles. One of the major characteristics that NFTs have is their rarity, which means that the more unique traits the NFT has. the higher the rarity ranking which in turn will result in higher revenue reflections.

Astrobabies key features:

Astro Babies is powered by a play-to-earn casino economy, enabled by its native token - Astro Token (SABB), allowing its community to reap benefits through skilled casino interactions and contributions to the ecosystem. Astro Babies allows its community to stake their NFTs for passive income while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of gambling. The Astro Babies NFT staking is a temporary model for rewarding the early adopters of the community, 5 million SABB tokens have been allocated for disbursing staking rewards. The staking rewards will operate till these allocated tokens last.

Additionally, Astro Bables has a strategy for fair and decentralized distribution of earnings through the implementation of a casino 7 business model that is open to all active players and completely transparent. It is also on the verge of launching a physical casino in El Salvador, allowing its community to participate in traditional casino games as their favorite 3D rendered Astro Bables character.

  • Tokenomics
  • Total offer: 50 000 000 ABB (100%) Token value when selling / 0.3 USD
  • Public sale / 15 000 000 (30%)
  • Private sale / 5 000 000 (10%)
  • Ecosystem and advisors / 2 500 000 (5%)
  • Community award / 12 500 000 (25%)
  • Admin / 5 000 000(10%)
  • Treasury / 10 000 000 (20%)