Vote for prominent startups and participate in ecosystem governance;
Lead your project to a new level with our Launch Laboratory acceleration program;
Unite the advantages of cryptocurrency and venture capital world.
What is DAO.VC is a decentralized non-profit organization whose mission is to develop an ecosystem for launching projects in Web3. DAO members participate in governance and profit from all the ecosystem tools.

- Social network for all participants in the venture investment industry;

- Marketplace for startups and benchmark;

- Uniq DAIDO Launchpad;

- Professionals Hub;

- Tokenized Community Pool;

- Limited Venture Partnership;

- Three custom tokens.

What do we offer
For startups

- Receive funding from partners;

- Complete the incubation and acceleration program at the Launch Laboratory;

- Tokenize your project;

- Find the most talented specialists in the field;

- Post information about the project's progress and news;

- Get marks and feedbacks from leading specialists of the industry.

For investors

- Get access to the best projects in IT, DeFi and blockchain industries;

- Communicate with startups and create own investment offers;

- Get bonuses for participation in a major pool;

- Find the best specialists of the market.

For professionals

- Register as an applicant and join the best IT and blockchain teams;

- Register as a freelancer and help projects under flexible conditions;

- Register as a studio and offer your full range of services. uses three types of tokens
Governance NFT

Used to access DAO mechanics and profit from all ecosystem tools

$DAOVC Token

Native utility token of ecosystem. Pay for platform services in $DAOVC and receive rewards for participating in the ecosystem

$VCDAO Token

Index token of the community pool. The $VCDAO token is used to determine the shares of investment capital. It is 100% backed by liquid project tokens included in the pool portfolio.

What is Social Network?

It is a worldwide social network for all participants in the blockchain, IT and venture investment industry. In addition to the functions and benefits described above, the social network's personal account is a control panel for accessing and obtaining statistics for most ecosystem tools.

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How Launch Laboratory works

The ecosystem incubator works with the best, selected IT projects and blockchain startups. Payment for incubation services is made according to the selected package, but can also be partially or fully paid with project tokens. Early-stage startups are assisted with the launch and development in key directions, including packaging, marketing, legalization, HR, and others.

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What is DAIDO Launchpad

Uniq Launchpad based on double-sided vesting model. If the project fails to achieve the sprint goal, all funds raised are returned to the smart contract of the token sale and can be withdrawn by the project investors. Thus, investors receive guarantees (in the form of the opportunity to withdraw the remaining investment from the funding pool of unreliable projects), and start-ups receive a stable payment schedule and demonstrate the seriousness of their intentions in the implementation of the project.

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Any registered user can exchange stablecoins for community pool tokens, thus becoming its member. Pool members vote to buy out allocations or pay for incubation in the Launch Laboratory of promising startups, thereby replenishing the pool and providing the $VCDAO pool token with liquid tokens. You can deposit and withdraw funds from the pool at any time.

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Venture Partnership

The Partnership is registered in Luxembourg and has an AIFM (automatic investment fund management) license. Due to the huge pool of partners and the ecosystem's own tools, the Partnership has access to funding for promising startups at an early stage, which guarantees the best conditions and allows for a profitable distribution of investments in the long term.

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