CPA & Influence OTC desk

HYPE indicator is a unique project that enables the use of hype and popularity fairly, profitably, and with a predictable result.

HYPE key features

How does HYPE work

  • A user connects a wallet on the site, goes to the «mine hype» section, and copes his personal promo code.
  • Uploads advertising materials (or creates his own), places a publication, or distributes his promo code in any other way.
  • Everyone who uses his promo code gets 10% more tokens when purchasing. A user gets 10% from his depositing sum in HYPE tokens.
  • The user goes to his personal account and gets bonus tokens.

A number of unique link click-throughs and a cost a user is ready to pay for this task are to be indicated. Any messenger or social network can be used to discuss additional terms. A user being under a contract gets a reward only after fulfilling its terms.

For instance: a person sees a user’s post, applies his promo code, and buys HYPE tokens for $1000. He gets tokens for $1100, and the user gets tokens for $100.

HYPE is CPA & Influence OTC desk. websites are developed to maintain tokens. Dedicated tokens can be bought, mined, and spent within the ecosystem. The platform provides OTC (over-the-counter) desk functionality executed with the help of the smart-contracts and operates as a reliable validator to prove the agreement between both parties was confirmed.

The platform operates UID links to mark the users’ requests and maintains those links to prove the job (request) execution (fulfillment) by matching the links with the operations. After the job (request) is approved, the user who fulfilled the execution is able to claim the dedicated amount of tokens. Smart contracts are responsible both for validation and permit granting and transaction execution.


  • Mining: 70%
  • Creators: 5%
  • Developers: 5%
  • Agents: 5%
  • Liquidity pool: 5%
  • Pre-sale: 10%
Funds distribution

  • Liquidity: 50%
  • Marketing: 50%
Marketing strategy

  • Users get HYPE tokens for inviting new participants on the platform with the help of their personal promo codes. Every week Hype Mining leader becomes a Hype agent.
  • When 100 people become agents, agents tokens will be allocated between them in proportion to the Hype Mining promo code.