Hardcore Fighting Platform is the first blockchain-based media platform. It is a part of the Hardcore FC ecosystem that unites millions of martial arts fans from different countries. Today, Hardcore Media is already the world's largest Russian-language martial arts reality show, which streams all of its episodes on YouTube.

  • 2,9 million subscribers
  • Over 189 million views
  • More than 2,5 million views of each fight

Hardcore Fighting Platform has developed a native HARDcoin token, whose holders gain access to unique features not available to other participants.Here are the features available to holders:

  • Adding your favorite fighter to the Hardcore FC fight card;
  • Access to exclusive merch collections;
  • Ability to purchase branded merchandise Hardcore FC in the corporate marketplace;
  • Personal meetings with the league fighters;
  • Access to the loyalty program and additional bonuses;
  • Ability to purchase NFT tokens from the Knockdown and Knockout series..
Key features of HARDcoin

HARDcoin is the official digital currency of the Hardcore Fighting Platform, created on the most popular Ethereum blockchain. The token has a fixed issue, which allows to control its value in the market due to the project's unique financial model.HARDcoin token will undoubtedly show steady growth. This will certainly happen due to such parameters as:

  • The constant growth of the project's active community and increasing the number of holders. It is planned that in the nearest future, HARDcoin will become the only payment method, which means that platform residents from all over the world will use it exclusively for internal mutual transactions;
  • The sale of tickets, as well as exclusive merch, will be available only for HARDcoin.It will motivate users to buy more coins;
  • Buying exclusive NFT tokens will be available only with HARDcoin;
  • Using GameFi technology in combination with Real Offline will allow users to earn tokens even for simple actionssuch as exchanging, subscribing, and others;
  • With HardCoin tokens, users will be able to vote for actions in the HardCore Fighting Championship, including what the next fight will be, how the rules will change, and so on.
Target audience and project scaling

At the moment, the main audience of Hardcore FC is the CIS countries.

As early as 2022, the company plans to scale the business through franchise sales to the most promising regions, such as the U.S., Thailand, and othersIn the near future, the company plans to significantly increase its presence on the CIS market, as well as to implement the following stages:

  • The appearance of Hardcore FC on federal TV channels.
  • Opening of the Hardcore Arena.
  • Opening the first Hardcore Gym.
  • Launch their own line of clothing and sports equipment.
  • Launch a line of sports nutrition.
  • To start production of an energy drink.

HARDcoin is the native token of the entire ecosystem. The total emission of the coin is 1 billion.This is how the allocation of tokens will happen:

Marketing strategy

The Hardcore platform will use a marketing model based on those tools that have proven their effectiveness in promoting similar projects.The main instruments to be used are direct links and keyword searches. This will improve the relevance of the audience and raise the project's ranking in search results. The most effective social media platforms for promotion are Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.The main promotion tools for the Hardcore platform will be:

  • SEO-optimization and search engine promotion;
  • Advertising through YouTube and Instagram bloggers;
  • Banner advertising;
  • Email campaigns;
  • Collaboration with fighters and national fist-fighting associations;
  • Experiential marketing techniques will also be involved. These include focusing on increasing engagement through content, working with hands-on activities, as well as creating engaging content to build high-quality branding for potential users.