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SPATHA is a true web3 double-sided vesting protocol

  • SPATHA key features:
  • Initial placement of project tokens An innovative solution that protects investors from unscrupulous startups. Projects receive investor funds according to the funding plan vesting. DAO mechanics will allow investors to stop financing a project if there are issues at any stage
  • Secondary placement of tokens Token is already on the stock exchange, and the project needs a funding booster? SPATHA comes into play! Everyone will receive tokens at a discount, but with unfreezing, according to the vesting plan.This a great opportunity for startups to attract new investors willing to add promising tokens to their portfolios at a reduced cost.
  • Funds secured by cryptocurrency A ready-to-use, convenient solution that protects both sides of the transaction. Payouts according to the vesting plan with pre-agreed refund conditions. For example, you can take an amount in USDT against a pledge of BTC. After paying out the full amount, including interest, you will get BTC back.
SPATHA is a guarantee of the seriousness of the intentions of both parties to the transaction

No need to reinvent the wheel! SPATHA provides an API to integrate the protocol into your project. It's profitable and fast. In addition, projects using SPATHA earn the trust of experienced investors. Together with the documentation projects also get consultation and technical support for the whole time of use.

The true web3 solution
The impact of back-end development is minimized on the SPATHA protocol. The contract works autonomously and impartially, as blockchain solutions with such functionality should.