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A simple and effective way to start investing in blockchain startups
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Any amount, instant liquidity
There's no minimum or maximum investment amount here. You can join the pool with any capital.
You'll get pool tokens in an amount equivalent to how much you invested, and you'll be able to increase or decrease this amount at any time as the pool token is 100% secured by other, liquid tokens.
Strength in numbers!
Entrust pool management to experienced investors or take part in the managing yourself through DAO mechanics. Personal experience, mutual success!
How the pool is formed
Investors receive pool tokens in exchange for Stablecoin investments
The pool pays for the acceleration of promising startups in exchange for project tokens. If pool participants find that a startup doesn't need acceleration, the project can be bought out for a certain amount of money.
The tokens of startups are added to the pool's portfolio.
Diversify your investments
The pool portfolio is replenished regularly with the tokens of promising startups from various industries.
You're able to distribute investments, hedge risks, and provide the token pool with more liquidity.
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