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All-in-one packaging, tokenization and fundraising solution for your IT or blockchain project
Decentralized autonomous venture ecosystem is a one-stop blockchain-based solution for the venture capital industry.
Our team has solid expertise and practical experience in the mass launch of IT and blockchain startups. Analyzing recurrent crypto market problems and their systematic solution forced us to create a stable algorithm, enabling a quick and effective project launch. is a full-cycle tokenization provider
As part of the Launch Laboratory incubator program, we take care of all the work on the complex packaging of a startup, help attract investments and bring it to the market.
Who our tokenization program is designed for
Startups at various stages of development
If you are the owner of a running startup or a project creator who has just started working on a product, you can get an individual, but proven and safe tokenization solution without looking for contractors and organizing management “here and now”.
Startups focused on tokenization
You can integrate the token into the activities of your startup. If you have already achieved any business results, tokenization can be another form of monetization, expansion and development.
An early stage of project development
If your startup is still just an idea, and you are in doubt about what to do and how, the Launch Laboratory will become your source of expertise and help you with high-quality and efficient project tokenization.
5 stages of our work
Learn the history of the project and its market, test various hypotheses and create a niche entry strategy, as well as work on tokensale and tokenomics
Creating tokensale interfaces
Develop robust token smart contracts for each tokensale round. You get unique logic according to the tokenomics and vesting schedule.
Connecting contracts and
admin wallet
Conduct comprehensive security and stability testing of the product, provide the code base with unit tests. Improve the product and deploy smart contracts on the mainnet.
Preparation and calculations
Develop a landing page and brand visual language to attract the maximum number of users and investors. Create a UI/UX tokensale and admin panel for the team.
Developing smart contracts
Connect the external interface to smart contracts, ensure the smooth operation of all web3 functions. You get an administrator's wallet and the ability to control the development of the project.
Deploying to Testnet and
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Get access to endless resources of ecosystem
Opportunities and prospects
We can highlight at least 5 opportunities that the Launch Laboratory tokenization program offers.
Use a proven development algorithm that unites the team's expertise and unique know-how.
Take advantage of fast delivery and easy deployment of smart contracts through the use of cutting-edge technologies.
Simplify the interaction with third-party experts with the help of internal audit processes.
Significantly expand your project promotion opportunities thanks to the developed ecosystem.
Get additional support: marketing, referral programs development, holding, staking, media coverage, etc.
Even more mechanics
For startups that have passed the Launch Laboratory incubation program and want more customized solutions
Referral program
Get a well-thought-out bonus system with up to 7 layers for project investors — stimulate the audience to increase the number of token holders.
A profitable tool that motivates investors to keep tokens in the market. Includes complex calculations based on pool size.
Choose other additionally proven mechanics, which may include additional interaction opportunities for loyal project investors.
And these are just some of the solutions available to you.
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How the projects are selected for Launch Laboratory
The project submits an application for participation in the program, passes the initial selection and introduction.
Selection and consultation
After the project is approved, a brief is filled in and the optimal solution is identified in the current market conditions.
Start of cooperation
The team carries out all agreed work and helps the project successfully enter the market.
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